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Role:  Lead Designer

This is Neon Tigers first independent game effort.  I managed pre-production directly, starting with a vision document, business plan, and clearly defined business goals.  Next, Senior designers and myself worked on the first draft of feature specifications.  We quickly moved to the prototype phase.

After building the prototype I reconnected with Kris Krej, of in Poland, who joined the project as our CTO.  Kris managed a small team of engineers while I staffed small team of remote artists.  After our first milestone I hired Danielle DiFalco, who was highly recommended through my AAA network, to take on art direction and manage our team of remote artists.

As Lead Designer I manged three other seasoned designers and provided feedback on features, tutorial, and user experience.  I also personally designed combat mechanics, special abilities, items, tech, and characters.


  • Established product vision and prioritized milestone features.
  • Screened and hired artists, engineers, and designers.
  • Successfully produced development milestones within project budget and timeline.
  • Organized remote artists and engineers through a virtual office.
  • Delegated key departmental responsibilities to experienced professionals.
  • Designed 24 reactive combat abilities
  • Designed and balanced 180 Characters
  • Oversaw multiple iterations of combat mechanics.

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